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    Weihai Huatan Supply chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huatan company") was established in April 2019. It is a mixed ownership enterprise jointly held by private capital and state-owned capital, with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. Since its establishment, relying on the advanced development concept, excellent management team and the resource advantages of the group company, all kinds of businesses have made rapid progress. Domestic business mainly includes supply chain management, storage of general goods, import and export trade of bulk commodities, daily necessities, various small commodities and agricultural and sideline products; Overseas business is mainly participate in “One Belt, One Road”, East Africa area project construction, and create a comprehensive offshore service platform to promote Sino African Economic and trade exchanges.
    • 300 million

      2019 trade volume

    • 630 million

      2020 trade volume

    • 1 billion

      2021 trade volume



    The Cooperation Zone adopts the form of "multiple parks in one zone", which consists of the East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center,the Huatan Overseas Warehouse, the Exhibition Center and The Warehousing & Logistics Park at Zanzibar Airport,and is equipped with Cross-border e-commerce platform; the total planned construction area of each project is 133,700 square meters. The Cooperation Zone has complete functions and can provide comprehensive services such as commodity trading, exhibition and display, overseas warehousing, entrepot trade, processing and packaging, logistics support, cross-border e-commerce, supply chain finance, investment consulting, and cross-border business "one-stop" processing; It is a distribution center and bridgehead for business logistics that is based in Tanzania, drives East African countries, and radiates the entire Africa; it is also the most convenient channel and the most cutting-edge window for Chinese enterprises to enter the East African market.

    East Africa Business Logistics Center
    East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center (EACLC) is located in Ubungo District---the golden area of Dar es Salaam City---the economic, cultural and transportation center of Tanzania. It is close to the long-distance bus terminal and gathers the country's most important aviation, railway, highway and port transportation networks. It has ten distinct geographical advantages. The project covers an area of nearly 70 mu, with a total construction area of 91000 square meters.It is composed of 4 floors above the ground (including parking lot), 1 floor underground and the Exhibition Center. It can provide more than 2000 high-quality shops and 1000 parking spaces. In addition, in the fourth floor will be settled in customs, taxation, commodity inspection, Ministry of labor, financial institutions and logistics companies to provide "One-stop" services for international business.
    Tanzania Huatan overseas warehouse
    Huatan Overseas Warehouse in Tanzania (hereinafter referred to as " The Overseas Warehouse") is located near the port of Dar es Salaam. It is established by Huatan Company in cooperation with the local government agency EPZA (Tanzania Export Processing Zone Authority). With convenient surrounding transportation, it is an important part of the cooperation zone and mainly undertakes the functions of bulk cargo storage, logistics, packaging, after-sales service and so on.
    Exhibition Center
    The Exhibition Center is located in UBUNGO PLAZA near the East African Trade and logistics center, with an area of 2000 square meters. It has a comprehensive exhibition area and hundreds of independent exhibition halls with different areas. It provides an exhibition platform for customers settled in the East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center and Huatan Overseas Warehouse. Various kinds of exhibition, promotion and publicity activities of different sizes are regularly held here, and it is planned to build an influential self-organized brand exhibition.
    Zanzibar airport bonded logistics park
    The Warehousing & Logistics Park at Zanzibar Airport (hereinafter referred to as "the Park") is located on Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar is the component part of the United Republic of Tanzania and an important lightering port in East Africa. The island is also the largest clove producing area in the world.
    Cross border e-commerce platform
    In order to meet the growing demand for economic and trade exchanges between China and Africa, the cross-border e-commerce platform of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center (hereinafter referred to as "cross-border e-commerce platform") was formally put into operation in May 2020. The cross-border e-commerce platform is an important support for the components of the Cooperation Zone. It is a two-directions (China to Africa and Africa to China) platform of online display and sales that provides online services for all goods operated by merchants in the East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center.


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