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Huatan company is always following One belt, One road” initiative and the "go global" strategy. It takes the development of Sino African Economic and trade exchanges and the construction of Sino African Economic and trade bridges and ties as the core concept of the company's operation. With the increasingly close exchanges in politics, trade and culture between China and Africa, the company will continue to invest more and invest more in the right way.

In 2021, the comprehensive service cooperation zone of East Africa Business Logistics Industrial Park successfully passed the provincial assessment and became the first approved Provincial Overseas Economic and trade cooperation Park in Weihai. At present, the provincial commerce department is actively reporting to the National Overseas park. After being rated as a national park, various supporting policies and preferential policies for entry will be further strengthened. As the largest comprehensive trade and Trade Exhibition Center built by domestic enterprises in Africa, its products and merchants will receive more and more attention.

Huatan overseas warehouse has also been rated as Provincial Overseas warehouse. The company plans to continue to increase investment, increase hardware equipment, optimize system network and further improve comprehensive operation efficiency. In addition, the function matching and integration with the warehousing and logistics park of Zanzibar airport under construction are also being refined. After its completion, a comprehensive base with multiple functions such as warehousing, bonded, logistics, processing and packaging will be located on both sides of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Island, building a bridge to prosperity and development.

In the process of building a bridge for economic and trade exchanges between China and Tanzania and China and Africa, Huatan company has made great efforts in publicity and promotion in addition to providing a hardware platform for trading, exhibition, logistics, warehousing, processing and other functions. Sabasaba exhibition is the largest and most important international exhibition in Tanzania and one of the most important exhibitions in East Africa. It has an important influence. Entrusted by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Huatan company plans to send the commodities from several key business markets in the province to Sabasaba Exhibition for exhibition, Taking advantage of the opportunity of the exhibition, the first Shandong East Africa economic and trade exchange Expo (planned for 2021, considering that the epidemic may be postponed to 2022) was held. The organizers of Tanzania exhibition also expressed great welcome to enterprises from Shandong and even all China to participate in the exhibition in the past. If the effect is considerable, the provincial competent department of Commerce has plans to turn the exhibition into a perennial exhibition recorded in the province.

In addition, the company plans to set aside a space of 200-300 square meters in the exhibition and trading center of the East African Trade and logistics center as a long-term centralized booth for domestic enterprises in Tanzania. The booth will be uniformly arranged and designed to reflect the characteristics of Chinese goods to the greatest extent. Starting from 2021, a commodity exhibition of East Africa Business Logistics Center will be held every year to continuously publicize the commodities and enterprises settled on the platform.

The overseas comprehensive service platform composed of East Africa Business Logistics Center, Huatan overseas warehouse and cross-border e-commerce platform will achieve a total trade volume of 630 million yuan in 2020. With the improvement of the platform functions and the implementation of measures, the development of the comprehensive platform will advance by leaps and bounds. It is estimated that the transaction volume will be about 1 billion yuan in 2021 and more than 1.4 billion yuan in 2022, with a growth rate of more than 30% in the next three years. We welcome people of insight who are interested in developing China Africa cooperation and economic and trade exchanges to enter Africa, develop Africa, go hand in hand and win-win cooperation.

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