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    Weihai Huatan Supply chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huatan company") was established in April 2019. It is a mixed ownership enterprise jointly held by private capital and state-owned capital, with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. Since its establishment, relying on the advanced development concept, excellent management team and the resource advantages of the group company, all kinds of businesses have made rapid progress. Domestic business mainly includes supply chain management, storage of general goods, import and export trade of bulk commodities, daily necessities, various small commodities and agricultural and sideline products; Overseas business is mainly participate in “One Belt, One Road”, East Africa area project construction, and create a comprehensive offshore service platform to promote Sino African Economic and trade exchanges.

    Huatan company has been responding to the call of the party and the state, always following the strategy of "One Belt , One Road" and "Go globalt", and has gone abroad to seek development, and has spread all over Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, North and South Sultan, Kenya, Mozambique and other countries. Overseas businesses include park construction, warehousing and logistics, overseas investment consulting, agricultural development, fishery development, mining development, import of bulk agricultural products, etc. The comprehensive service cooperation zone of East Africa commercial logistics industrial park, which is built with great efforts, is composed of East Africa commercial logistics center, Huatan overseas warehouse, Zanzibar airport warehousing and logistics park, cross-border e-commerce platform, etc. it is a distribution center and bridgehead of commercial and material flows based in Tanzania, driving east African countries and radiating the whole of Africa.

    Huatan company has many subsidiaries, branches or branches overseas, directly sending more than 50 employees overseas. In 2019, Huatan company achieved nearly 300 million yuan of import and export trade with Africa, and completed a total import and export trade of 470 million yuan; In 2020, the total volume of import and export trade will reach 630 million yuan; This figure will exceed 1 billion yuan in 2021.

    In addition to be a part of the "One Belt, One Road" project, Huatan company also actively participated in all aspects of Sino African trade and friendly cooperation. For example, provide a series of services such as local reception, activity arrangement, talks and communication for the 2019 global roadshow activity Tanzania station of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce; Sign strategic agreements with domestic well-known commodity markets such as Linyi mall, Yantai Sanzhan wholesale trading market and Hunan Gaoqiao market to help domestic enterprises and merchants go abroad and jointly develop the African market; With the support of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, organized more than 30 enterprises in Shandong to participate in Tanzania sabasaba Exhibition (Tanzania International Trade Expo and China Shandong market procurement trade Tanzania exhibition in 2021); Entrusted by the Tanzanian Embassy in China, Huatan company participated in the second China Africa economic and Trade Expo on behalf of nearly 40 Tanzanian enterprises.

    In the future, with a more open pattern, more pragmatic measures and more professional services, Huatan company will strive to improve the sense of participation, gain and achievement of all parties in China Tanzania cooperation, and build a more international and professional economic and trade cooperation and exchange platform. A gentleman's ambition is not far away. We warmly invite friends from all walks of life to jointly write a new chapter in China Tanzania economic and trade cooperation.

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