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1、 Basic information

  East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center (EACLC) is located in Ubungo District---the golden area of Dar es Salaam City---the economic, cultural and transportation center of Tanzania. It is close to the long-distance bus terminal and gathers the country's most important aviation, railway, highway and port transportation networks. It has ten distinct geographical advantages. The project covers an area of nearly 70 mu, with a total construction area of 91000 square meters.It is composed of 4 floors above the ground (including parking lot), 1 floor underground and the Exhibition Center. It can provide more than 2000 high-quality shops and 1000 parking spaces. In addition, in the fourth floor will be settled in customs, taxation, commodity inspection, Ministry of labor, financial institutions and logistics companies to provide "One-stop" services for international business. The project is the core component of the Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the "Cooperation Zone").

The project is divided into five phases, with different business formats planned in each phase: phase I includes small commodities, daily necessities, some clothing and agricultural and sideline products; The second phase is clothing and textiles, shoes and hats, luggage, jewelry and household appliances; The third phase is hardware tools, mechanical parts, auto parts and motorcycle parts; The fourth phase is building materials decoration, kitchen and sanitary supplies and engineering materials; Phase V covers electronic products, electrical appliances, electric tools, Internet related products, etc. 

2、 Preferential Policies and Development Advantages

  For enterprises and merchants registered in EACLC and enterprises joining the chamber of Commerce of EACLC, we will assist their personnel to obtain legal work and residence permits in the local immigration and labor departments. In addition, you can enjoy the year-round exhibition docking service and conduct docking and negotiation with entrepreneurs from East African countries on a regular basis.

  At the same time, the EACLC also provides short-term exhibitions and perennial exhibitions, and sets up a product exhibition hall to realize information exchange, trade negotiation, investment attraction and product localization (assist enterprises in handling certificates of origin and enjoy more export preferences). 

  In addition, the settled enterprises can also obtain the tax preference of the local government, and the enterprise income tax and other taxes can be reduced or exempted for 5-10 years according to the situation.

  According to the development plan, the EACLC will launch one-to-one e-commerce stores for all physical stores of enterprises and merchants at the same time, and settle in the cross-border e-commerce platform of the East Africa Business Logistics Center, so as to realize the development mode of "online and offline go hand in hand and seamless connection at home and abroad".

  In order to develop broader publicity and sales channels, Huatan Company has carried out strategic cooperation with some large domestic market agglomeration areas and market procurement trade pilots, such as Linyi mall, Changsha Gaoqiao market and Yantai three stations. It will provide interworking services for merchants settled in East Africa trade logistics center and domestic trade city, and promote the market procurement trade mode, Connect and integrate the cross-border e-commerce platform of East Africa business logistics center with the exhibition platform of procurement trade pilot in various markets, so as to realize the two-way demand exchange, information exchange, resource exchange and service exchange at home and abroad, so as to provide broader and convenient development space for enterprises and merchants.

  In addition, the components of the Cooperation Zone implement resource sharing, information exchange and service complementarity; Therefore, enterprises settled in EACLC can also obtain all other resources and functional services of the cooperation zone, which greatly facilitates enterprises to carry out various businesses.

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