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  Huatan Overseas Warehouse in Tanzania (hereinafter referred to as " The Overseas Warehouse") is located near the port of Dar es Salaam. It is established by Huatan Company in cooperation with the local government agency EPZA (Tanzania Export Processing Zone Authority). With convenient surrounding transportation, it is an important part of the cooperation zone and mainly undertakes the functions of bulk cargo storage, logistics, packaging, after-sales service and so on.

  The Overseas Warehouse was put into use in 2019, serving more than 170 enterprises; The Overseas Warehouse covers a total area of 11700 square meters and is equipped with modern equipment, the current use area is 6500 square meters. The Overseas warehouse is divided into arrival area, storage area, delivery area, packaging area, after-sales service area, commodity display area and other functional areas; The Overseas Warehouse is managed by the China Tanzania working team and equipped with a professional warehousing and logistics system for control and operation. The system implements relevant data and information sharing with cross-border e-commerce websites and can operate 24 hours a day when necessary.

  In September 2021, The overseas warehouse was selected as the "Shandong provincial key public overseas warehouse", which not only enhanced the ability of enterprises to integrate into the host market, but also strengthened the voice of enterprises in the international market. At the same time, with the advantages and resources of the whole platform of the cooperation zone, the customers of the Overseas Warehouse will also get more, better and more convenient services.

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