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  In order to meet the growing demand for economic and trade exchanges between China and Africa, the cross-border e-commerce platform of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center (hereinafter referred to as "cross-border e-commerce platform") was formally put into operation in May 2020. The cross-border e-commerce platform is an important support for the components of the Cooperation Zone. It is a two-directions (China to Africa and Africa to China) platform of online display and sales that provides online services for all goods operated by merchants in the East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center.

  In addition to the functions of cross-border display and sales, the cross-border e-commerce platform also connects and matches with Huatan Overseas Warehouse storage system, and realizes the interworking of relevant functions and data. The interworking of data not only improves the management and operation efficiency of the company, but also provides convenience for users: the delivery information on the cross-border e-commerce platform and the progress of local customs clearance will connect with the system of overseas warehouse, Realize data sharing, and the buyer and the seller can check the business progress at any time; Sellers can also analyze and prepare their next shipment through the sales data information on the cross-border e-commerce platform, combined with the arrival and warehousing time of overseas warehouses, so as to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of overseas inventory configuration.

  At present, Huatan company has carried out strategic cooperation with some large domestic business gathering areas and market procurement trade pilots, such as Linyi mall, Yantai three-stop market, Changsha Gaoqiao market and Qingdao Jimo trade city, so as to enrich the commodity types of cross-border e-commerce platforms.

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