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  The Warehousing & Logistics Park at Zanzibar Airport (hereinafter referred to as "the Park") is located on Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar is the component part of the United Republic of Tanzania and an important lightering port in East Africa. The island is also the largest clove producing area in the world.

  The Park is located in Zanzibar airport area and covering an area of about 4.5 hectares, it is planned as a multi-functional comprehensive storage Park, with a estimated total investment of 35 million US dollars and the total construction area of 31000 square meters. Bonded storage area, general storage area, goods processing area and comprehensive service area will be planned in the park, and 12 warehouses and workshops and 1 comprehensive office building will be planned to be built. The park is an important part of the East African Commercial & Logistics Industrial Park Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone. It is mainly responsible for providing services such as ordinary warehousing, bonded warehousing, logistics supporting, processing, packaging and entrepot trade. After it is completed and put into use, it echoes with Huatan Overseas Warehouse to further refine and improve the logistics and warehousing function.

  In addition, the Park closely follows the core development idea of Zanzibar government to drive economic development with logistics and trade, and relies on the location advantages of Zanzibar International Airport to vigorously develop entrepot trade and logistics transportation, so as to help Zanzibar build a comprehensive warehouse and logistics center with international and regional competitiveness. At present, the project is in the specific preparatory stage in the early stage.

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