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Tanzania International Trade Expo 2021, as China Shandong market procurement trade (Tanzania) exhibition were successfully held
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The 2021 China Shandong market procurement trade (Tanzania) exhibition was successfully held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from July 4 to 7. Many Tanzanian leaders personally visited the Shandong exhibition hall and had a cordial conversation with Ms. Wang Xiangyu, project director of Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huatan supply chain) in Tanzania. They expressed their gratitude to Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce for actively convening enterprises to participate in sabasaba, and hoped that more Chinese enterprises would learn about Tanzania through this exhibition, Chinese enterprises are welcome to invest in Tanzania. The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania and the Tanzanian Embassy in China also pay special attention to the activities undertaken by the Huatan supply chain, hoping to accelerate and deepen the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between Shandong Province and Tanzania through this exhibition.

A total of 32 enterprises participated in the exhibition in Shandong Province, with an exhibition area of 300 square meters. The exhibits involve agricultural products, all kinds of daily necessities, labor protection products, auto and motorcycle parts, building materials, clothing, shoes, hats, bags, textile products and other industries. Among them, there are 1 enterprise in Jinan, 4 enterprises in Linyi, 11 enterprises in Qingdao, 8 enterprises in Weihai and 8 enterprises in Yantai.

In order to accelerate the layout of new business forms of market procurement trade in Africa, under the careful guidance of leaders at all levels of the Provincial Department of Commerce, this exhibition adopts a new mode of offline Exhibition + on-site professional service + online video / voice negotiation + perennial exhibition hall for the first time. Through careful planning and careful organization in the early stage, this exhibition has been highly praised by all sectors of government and business in Tanzania and recognized by exhibitors in Shandong Province.

During the exhibition, citizen newspaper, mwanannchi newspaper, Guardian newspaper, banker newspaper, nipashe newspaper, daily news newspaper and other media carried out all-round publicity to let Tanzania know more about China's Shandong and Shandong enterprises. Guardian newspaper and mwananchi newspaper carried follow-up reports from June 30 to July 7.

Two months before the exhibition, Huatan supply chain publicized the Tanzanian registered enterprises (more than 600) on the cross-border website of East Africa Trade and logistics center, introduced the exhibitors and products in Shandong Province of China, and looked for intended target customers or partners. Strive to achieve accurate matching between exhibitors and purchasers during the exhibition.

In order to improve the exhibition effect of enterprises in Shandong Province, Huatan supply chain has made a unified construction of the exhibition hall to highlight the overall image of Shandong. On the basis of the basic configuration of the booth, it has added high lintel board and set up a logo of "market procurement into Africa and Shandong products into Africa" to publicize and display the overall image of Shandong Province.

During the exhibition, Huatan supply chain provided each exhibitor with an exhibition assistant and the ability to communicate in Swahili and English. In addition, it is equipped with 20 sales personnel of Huatan supply chain in Tanzania, wearing unified clothes and serving both sides at any time. At the beginning of the exhibition, Huatan supply chain opened Tencent conference platform for each exhibitor. You can enter Tencent conference room at any time and connect with online video conference system in the whole process. 8-hour online (9:30-17:30 local time, there is a time difference of 5 hours between Tanzania and China). Exhibitors can view the real-time situation of the booth in China through the platform terminal, understand the communication between the exhibition assistant and customers, and communicate with the exhibition assistant and sales at any time.

During the exhibition, exhibitors in Shandong Province received more than 5000 visitors, and the intended turnover reached US $1027775. Combined with the offline display and online negotiation, among the exhibits of exhibitors, products such as food and daily necessities, home textile products, clothing, shoes and hats, tools, centrifugal electronic pumps and so on are favored by customers. Offline and online docking negotiations have yielded fruitful results.

Combined with the new business form of market procurement, "going out of Shandong and into Africa", this exhibition is different from other exhibitions in timeliness. After the exhibition, one belt, one road, the exhibition center will be delivered to the exhibition center. The exhibition center is located in the "East and west" contract project, which is invested and constructed by the Tanzania supply chain. The East African business logistics center will provide a year's display and customer docking for the exhibitors in Shandong province. So that African people can purchase high-quality products from Shandong without going abroad, and successfully promote the market procurement mode of Shandong Province to Tanzania and even the whole Africa. Huatan supply chain will strive to do a good job in perennial display and customer docking to promote trade performance.

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